Fox Webs Spidey 2 TV Rights

Hollywood Reporter posted the following:

“Before Columbia Pictures lets “Spider-Man 2” loose in theaters today, the webslinger already has snatched a rich TV deal.

Fox Broadcasting Co. and its sibling cable network FX have nabbed the rights to “Spider-Man 2” from Sony Pictures TV in a deal that observers pegged at about $50 million. It’s understood that the license fee is not tied to the film’s final boxoffice tally, which protects Fox and FX should the sequel approach the $400 million-plus haul of 2002’s “Spider-Man.”

The length of the license term is said to be 10 years. It is expected to begin in January 2006, after the film’s pay TV window on HBO.

Additionally, Sony has the right to carve out broadcast/cable windows in the middle of “Spider-Man 2’s” run on Fox and FX that could fetch an extra $10 million for the studio. Sony Pictures TV executives declined comment on the deal Tuesday.”

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Source: Hollywood Reporter