Spider-Man 2 Going To IMAX

Cinescape has confirmed earlier reports that Spider-Man 2 will be hitting IMAX screens in some cities.

“Furthermore, our sources tell us that the SPIDER-MAN 2 IMAX run will follow a release format similar to last summer’s IMAX presentation of THE MATRIX RELOADED: three to four weeks after the June 30 premiere of SPIDER-MAN 2, the movie will begin its run on IMAX DMR screens. This would place the IMAX release of the picture on either the 16th or the 23rd of July. One of our informants, working a little more closely in the pipeline of distribution, informed us that the release date of SPIDER-MAN 2 IMAX depends upon how quickly Sony can strike prints of the film and get them shipped to theaters. ”

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Source: Cinescape