UPDATED: Is Ioan Gruffudd Starring in Fantastic Four?

Are the pieces falling into place for next week’s possible announcement by 20th Century Fox of the four actors and actresses who will topline Fantastic Four? First, Avi Arad says that Michael Chiklis is a strong contender for The Thing and Rachel McAdams for Sue Storm. Now, IESB.net has another possible candidate…

While finishing our roundtable interview with Ioan Gruffodd who plays the character of Lancelot in the upcoming Touchstone feature King Arthur, I asked him if he had any other roles coming up in the near future or if he had tried out for any superhero roles like maybe Superman. He said that “No not Superman” but that if things worked out there would be an announcement next week.

Hit the link above for the full report and thanks to ‘Robert’. Stay tuned for a possible official announcement soon.

UPDATE: IESB.net has gotten a second confirmation that Gruffudd is up for a role in Fantastic Four. That role is none other than Mr. Fantastic.

Source: IESB.net