Spider-Man 2 Spot, Elfman’s Score & Game News

The news just continues to come in by the minute now for Spider-Man 2. Lots and lots of you have written us about a new TV spot now airing (which we caught tonight as well) which is definitely the coolest one so far. It starts off with a quote from Roger Ebert’s review (listen to it here) and shows many action-packed scenes.

‘Scarletspider15’ also pointed us to SoundtrackNet which talked to Danny Elfman’s agent who revealed that his score for the sequel will be in stores on July 20.

And ‘Sam_298’ said…

I got some news for Spidey fans. Zone.com has cool new Spider-Man 2 game that is sponsored by Marvel. It’s a spelling game, which features Spidey & Doc Ock.

You can check that out here.

Source: Superhero Hype!