3 More Spider-Man 2 TV Spots, 6 Clips & More!

‘Oscorp_Founder’ first alerted us that the official Spider-Man 2 website has added three more TV spots which you can view in both Windows Media and Real Player format! You can also now check out six clips from the sequel here.

Then, ‘Eric’ and ‘Doc Ock’ pointed us to VH1’s website which says they’ll be airing at “VH1 Goes Inside” special on the Spider-Man 2 movie Thursday, June 24th at 11pm EST. Don’t miss that!

Meanwhile, ‘Spyweb’ says that Doc Ock appeared on E! News Daily today…

There was an Alfred Molina interview on ‘E! News Daily’ tonight. The interview itself was fairly short, and nothing new was talked about; Alfred just joked more about his ‘pecks’ and ‘man-t*ts’ in comparison to his action figure. Clips were also shown (that I hadn’t seen before), mostly involving the Doc Ock/Spider-Man fight on the clocktower. It showed Ock looking up to Spider-Man (Spidey was clinging to the top of the ‘tower) and saying, “Let’s talk.” Spider-Man dropped down to where Ock was, where Doc Ock tried to hit him, but Spidey just bounced off of several tentacles before landing in front of Doc Ock; where Spidey then began to punch the snot outta him. There was also a few brief snippets of the train sequence, but that was mostly old footage (though there was a close up of Spider-Man kicking Ock in the face that I hadn’t seen before).

‘Jorge’ also said that Game Trailers has a small clip from the Spider-Man 2 video game featuring the voice of Bruce Campbell!

And ‘Mr.Peepers’ says…

Hey, just writing in to let you know I was at a local store today and I spotted another food product advertising for Spider-Man 2. It was a lunchables project and inside you could win a Spider-Man decoder and on the front it had a pic of Spidey. You can check it out at this website.

Source: Superhero Hype!