Crayola Swings Into Action with Spider-Man 2 Line

Crayola has just released the following announcement about their new Spider-Man 2 movie products. You can check out pictures of the two items described below by clicking here and here.

Look out! Here comes a line of Spider-Man 2 creativity toys and activities from Crayola. Now kid-sized Spider-Man fans can bring their favorite web-slinging crime fighter to life off the silver screen. Kids can melt crayons and mold them into their own Spider-Man and Doc Ock characters with the Spider-Man 2 Character Maker, draw webby designs with Crayola Spider Writers, pens that ooze a spider-web-like ink, and even decorate their windows with all things “Spidey” with Spider-Man 2 Window Markers and Window Clingers.

The Spider-Man 2 Character Maker lets kids melt and mold left over bits of crayon into Spider-Man and Doc Ock characters using this “spiderific” crayon melting toy. Any Crayola color combination can be melted together to customize an army of colorful Spider-Man characters poised and ready to defeat Doc Ock. The see-through top lets kids watch the melting action inside. The Spider-Man 2 Character Maker will be sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us beginning in Sept.

What would Spider-Man’s drawing tool of choice be? A Crayola Spider Writer, of course. Spider-Man 2 Spider Writers have a special, stretchy glittery ink that lets kids create wild, web-like designs on any color paper. Simply squeeze the pen and stretch the elastic ink on paper and you’ll be spinning webs just like the web-slinging wonder himself! Spider-Man 2 Glitter Spider Writers come in a pack of 5 pens including blue, red, violet, gold and green.

For the youngest Spider-Man 2 fans, Crayola offers the Spider-Man 2 Color Wonder Limited Edition Art Set, featuring mess-free Color Wonder markers and finger paints. Kids love these special markers and finger paints with colors that magically appear only inside the lines of the Color Wonder Spider-Man 2 coloring book. Color Wonder won’t leave marks on skin, carpet, clothing, upholstered furniture or walls, so it can be used anytime, anywhere with no mess! The set includes a 24-page Spider-Man 2 Color Wonder Coloring Book, 6 Color Wonder Finger Paints and 4 Color Wonder Markers.

Is that Spider-Man scaling the house next door? You bet it is! With Spider-Man 2 Window Markers from Crayola, kids can draw their favorite superhero on windows and mirrors using 6 unique stencils and 7 specially-formulated washable markers that easily wipe off windows with a damp cloth. The window decorating doesn’t stop here. The Spider-Man 2 Window Clingers kit lets kids use paint pens to create decorative Spider-Man window clings that stick to windows and easily peel off. The kit contains 1 black outlining pen, 5 paint pens (blue, silver, yellow, red, green) and one Spider-Man pattern sheet.

Velvet Visions fuzzy posters from Crayola have met Spider-Man, with four, collectible limited-edition designs based on the movie, that kids can color using six washable Velvet Visions markers.

All Spider-Man 2 products include special packaging and are in stores now to coincide with the release of the Spider-Man 2 sequel on June 30.

Source: Binney & Smith Inc.