Kadee Strickland Up for Fantastic Four?

Moviehole chatted with “The Stepford Wives,” “Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid,” and “The Grudge” star Kadee Strickland (photo) who hinted she may be up for Fantastic Four

So what about Strickland, with her stunning good looks, couldn’t she be a Superhero too? “What have you heard?” she demurely asks.

Glancing at the picture that adorns his bio, one immediately seems the resemblance between her and The Fantastic Four’s Susan Storm. “Maybe”, she whispers. “We’re talking about it”.

Strickland, who says she’s good friends with the Film’s director, is unable to comment on the film anymore than that, but does recognize the fact that it’s a difficult position for the studio to be in when it comes to deciding whether to cast someone night as recognizable in such a high-profile film role.

Tim Story is helming the film for a 2005 release.

Source: Moviehole