Spider-Man 2 Music Video & New Commercial

The onslaught of Spider-Man 2 news coming in continues, starting with word from ‘gtkilla’ that Ana’s music video for Spider-Man 2 is online at the soundtrack section of the official website. The clip has new footage from the sequel, but does contain a spoiler from the film you might want to avoid.

The same scooper also caught a new commercial on TV…

I was watching TV and they showed a suit up commercial for Spider-Man 2. It started out with the scene where Peter flips over the car and some kids saw him and said how did you do that. Peter said gotta go “eat your green vegetables”. Then it showed spidey getting chased by some helicopters, it showed highlights from the trailer we had already seen. Then it had the scene where the police car was about to hit the people and spidey webbed up the car. Then it had Ock coming in the cafe smiling waving his tentacle around. Then it had that guy from “dude where’s my car”, the dork leader Zandark, say cool spidey outfit and then it showed flashing images of spidey swinging to the clocktower. It showed him crawling on his big web in his torn up suit and it ended with spidey and the dude where is my car guy in an elevator saying “yeah but sometimes it gives me a wedgie.”

Source: gtkilla