New Spider-Man 2 Movie Updates!

Some excellent new Spider-Man 2 bits have come in today. First up, almost all the entertainment programs are airing segments tonight on the sequel with cast interviews, considering the junket was this weekend (look for our coverage soon).

Next up, some cool images starting with the cover of Premiere magazine featuring Kirsten Dunst thanks to ‘Ken’! You can check that out here. Then, ‘Kyle’ also sent us a cool advertisement from Cheez-It for Spidey which you can view here.

‘Webakin’ tells us you can download a new screensaver by going here, while another thorough preview of the upcoming game can be read at GameSpot.

Also, ‘Landon’ tells us that the TV Guide Channel had a segment on Spider-Man 2

It had some new interviews with the cast, Tobey said he thought the script was all around better than the first one. Kirsten also said she liked Doc Ock better than the Green Goblin. There were also some bits by some box office analysts saying that everyone’s got their eye on Spider-Man 2 since the first one still holds the record for biggest opening weekend.

Source: Superhero Hype!