The Latest on X3, Fantastic Four & Jinx?

‘Dan’ sent us this unconfirmed news about X-Men 3, Fantastic Four, and Jinx

Hey guys. I was at a book signing/Q&A last night with Brian Michael Bendis and Avi Arad. There weren’t that many people there, but there were a couple of questions you might be interested in.

When asked if Gambit was going to be in X3, Arad said “it makes sense” but wouldn’t confirm or deny. He was also asked about casting for the FF movie. He said that we should be hearing official announcements in about 2 weeks. He did answer a question by saying that Michael Chiklis would be “a good choice”.

Bendis also answered a question about his recently greenlit Jinx movie. He said that he would probably be contributing to the script. He didn’t say that he was going to be the official writer, but he would probably write at least a draft.

Source: Dan