Spider-Man 2 Movie Updates!

First up, a reminder that Entertainment Tonight will be going behind-the-scenes of Spider-Man 2 tonight, don’t miss it!

Next, ‘Killa Link Bear’ sent in this on a new clip (which is the start of the train sequence we’ve mentioned before)…

Unbelievable! I usually have the TV on in the morning while I work, and it just so happened I had the TV turned to the local morning show; (Good Day Atlanta).

Anyway, my ears perked up when I heard about a “new clip” from “Spider-man 2″… I ran over to the TV, and saw a brand new clip from a Spidey and Doc Ock fight scene which lasted about 30 seconds.

I’ll try to describe as best as possible: Both Spidey and Ock exchange brief banter as they’re lighlty battling atop the Clock Tower, and then Ock grabs Spidey’s hands with his tenticles. Spidey gets quite a few good hits in (thanks to some good cg,) and Ock retaliates well. Ock then grabs Spidey in the air, and attempts to throw him, but Spidey hangs around for one good punch… then he falls.

Before throwing a web-line to save himself, he throws a few good web-shots that smack Doc Ock in the face a few times before finally web-slinging back up to the top. The clip ended with Spidey diving in the air towards Doctor Octopus, and Ock turning in utter shock!

Looks great, can’t wait ’til the 30th

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Daily News says that Spidey could be coming to the Broadway stage…

With the Tobey Maguire-Kirsten Dunst “Spider-Man 2” looming large on the summer movie scene, complete with spectacular trailers, look for an announcement in coming weeks that next, “Spider-Man” will be taking to the stage – the Broadway stage. Sources out of New York tell us that the show will be done by none other than Julie Taymor, the director who single-handedly revolutionized stagecraft with her amazing creations for the theatrical “The Lion King.”

‘Robert’ also pointed out this page where German photo specialists AGFA Net have put up a Spidey site full of goodies. And he says you can find a new Mary Jane Watson wallpaper at the bottom here.

And check out this cool one from ‘Dan’…

I was driving down the 405 in LA the other day when I saw an awesome promo for Spider-Man 2. Thought you might like it.

Source: Superhero Hype!