Bob “The Beast” Sapp is Stone in Elektra

Sherdog News is reporting that K-1 megastar Bob “The Beast” Sapp will make his feature acting debut in Jennifer Garner’s Elektra.

For the last month, the 6 foot 4 inch, 360-pound former NFL lineman turned K-1 martial arts fighter has been residing in Vancouver, Canada, working on the set of the latest superhero adaptation slated for release in February 2005. Sapp, who had repeatedly mentioned the strong possibility of beginning a new career in acting, spent a considerable amount of time on the set of the film prior to his May 22nd bout with Japanese star, Kazuyuki Fujita, during the K-1 “Romanex” event in Saitama, Japan.

Elektra casts the 29-year-old Sapp as “Stone,” an evil assassin whose physique is made of stone. Garner returns to the silver screen as Elektra Natchios, the beautiful and deadly costumed assassin. The forthcoming flick expands on a Daredevil storyline, whereby the lead woman recovers from a near death experience to battle a clan of mystical ninjas collectively known as “The Hand.” Sapp’s character is a member of the group.

Thanks to ‘Gillam1’ for the heads up on this.

Source: Gillam1