Elektra Slips Into Her Red Outfit

Both ‘The Shopester’ and ‘He-Man’ pointed us to MTV which has brief updates on Elektra, Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four

Marvel Comics fans who were disappointed with Jennifer Garner’s black leather Elektra costume in “Daredevil” have cause to rejoice: she’ll be wearing a red outfit closer to the heroine’s comic book garb in next year’s “Elektra” spinoff, which is shooting in Vancouver with director Rob Bowman (“The X-Files”). … Meanwhile, Mark Steven Johnson, who wrote and directed “Daredevil,” is in pre-production on Marvel’s “Ghost Rider,” which he’ll head to Australia in November to shoot with Nicolas Cage in the lead. Johnson has an executive producer credit on “Elektra.” … On a related note, Marvel’s long-awaited “Fantastic Four” has begun pre-production work just a short drive from the “Elektra” set. Tim Story (“Barbershop”) will direct.

Hit the link above for more on Elijah Wood starring in Sin City as well.

Source: MTV