Exclusive Batman Begins Set Pictures!

Scooper ‘Maarouf’ has provided Superhero Hype! with five new exclusive pictures of the “City of Gotham State Courts” set for Batman Begins.

They had security posted at either end of Senate House, but they didn’t bother putting anyone at a side entrance…The first time I went in, they weren’t filming outside so I managed to get some close ups of the cars. The second time however, not only were they shooting, but I managed to get a good picture of Chris Nolan in action…moments before I was detected, and subsequently ejected from the set.

The pics include a shot of director Chris Nolan on the set (see here), who is in the middle behind the taxi, several pictures Gotham cars, Gotham police cars, and the court house (with an American and Gotham City flag flying).

Check them all out in the SHH-Media gallery!

Source: Maarouf