Producers Say Hellboy II Budget Will be Similar

The Winnipeg Sun talked to the Hellboy producers about the sequel.

The comic-book monster movie has grossed just under $60 million US in its North American release and opened in the No. 1 spot in its first five international markets.

Producers Lawrence Gordon, Mike Richardson and Lloyd Levin hope it will gross at least $50 million internationally and that much again on video. “Our model really is Blade and Blade 2. The sequel actually did better than the original and it was Gullermo who directed the sequel,” explains Gordon.

Blade had a total theatrical gross of $132 million, but Blade 2 topped that with $155 million. “There’s a huge Hellboy mythology to draw from, so we wouldn’t run out of material if there was a demand for several sequels,” adds Levin. He stresses it’s essential “not to let the budget of the sequels balloon. We brought Hellboy in on a modest budget ($65 million) and we intend sequels to be in the same ballpark.”

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Source: Winnipeg Sun