EXCLUSIVE: Stan Winston Creating the Superman Costume!

Reliable Superhero Hype! scooper ‘Enigma’ tells us that Warner Bros. has brought special makeup effects guru Stan Winston on board to create the new Superman costume for the studio and director McG!

Winston and his team of artists have worked on such films as the “The Terminator” series, “Aliens,” “Predator” series, and “Jurassic Park” series. They also created the Penguin effects for Batman Returns and worked on the upcoming Warner Bros. “Hellblazer” adaptation, Constantine.

We’re told that the costume, at this moment, is sculpted with muscles, etc. The cape is said to look like latex, much like the new Batman Begins cape.

To view Stan Winston’s full filmography, click here to visit his official site. Stay tuned for more possible info on the Superman movie.

Source: Enigma