A New Batman Begins Filming Location!

Scooper ‘robotacat’ sent us another location where the Batman Begins production is headed…

I live in a building near St. Pancras station in London. Anyway, the administration just put up a notice that Warner Brothers are going to be filming a movie called “The Intimidation Game” in St. Pancras Chambers from May 10th to May 17th. They told us because due to parking being limited they will be using our street for parking equipment, blah blah blah. They also said that they would be cleared out after 8pm and on the weekend. Given that this was more of a warning that they would be inconveniencing us than a shooting announcement, it didn’t say what exactly the shoot would entail. Oh, and for those who are close enough to London to take a peek but don’t know exactly where St. Pancras Chambers is, it is the big gothic brick building where Euston meets Judd street by the British Library.

“The Intimidation Game” title of course refers to Batman Begins, in case you didn’t know. To check out a picture of the St. Pancras Chambers, click here!

Source: robotacat