Sam Raimi & Avi Arad in Ultimate Spider-Man

USA Today has up an interesting article on how Hollywood talent getting more involved in comic books. Here’s a funny bit on the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comics…

In the latest installments of Ultimate Spider-Man comics, for instance, the story line revolves around Spidey’s anger at Hollywood for trying to make a movie about him.

In the books, both Spider-Man and the evil Doctor Octavius confront Avi Arad, the real-life head of Marvel studios, and Sam Raimi, the director of next month’s Spider-Man 2. Arad tells the web-slinger that there’s nothing he can do to stop the movie, while Raimi orders the cameras to roll when Spider-Man and Doc Ock duke it out on the film set.

Arad says the self-referential story line has made Ultimate Spider-Man one of Marvel’s top 10 sellers. “It’s fun and a clever way to pay respect to the books,” Arad says. “Plus, Sam gets to look thinner, and I get more hair.”

Raimi isn’t so thrilled: “I come off like an arrogant jerk. The sooner they kill me off, the better.”

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Source: USA Today