Official Spider-Man 2 Site Update & Poster News!

‘scarletspider15’ and ‘MrPaul’ pointed us to the official Spider-Man 2 website where Sony Pictures has posted an excellent new image featuring Spidey and Mary Jane right smack on the main page! This looks like it could be from three new posters you’ll be seeing soon.

Scooper ‘coolhaze’ had written us that there’s indeed three new posters for the sequel. One features Spidey swinging towards you, the second is with Spidey and Mary Jane (most likely the image above), and a third shows Spidey standing above the city with his mask off and his back facing you.

The three posters include the words: “Destiny,” “Choice,” and “Sacrifice.”

Don’t miss the new image at the link above.

Source: Superhero Hype!