Fantastic Four is Looking Good for Vancouver

Hollywood North Report sent us this update about the upcoming filming of Fantastic Four in Vancouver…

As reported by HNR’s ASB and confirmed by various HNR sources around town Fantastic Four is looking like it will shoot in Vancouver and some additional location photography done in an East Coast city. It was dicey for a while and we’re told that Montreal and Toronto were under serious contention for the full shoot. Still no word on what studio in Vancouver will be used.

We also got an interesting email over the weekend from ‘CC’ who said that reps from IATSE and ACFC were told that the film would not film in town with the reason being “that they need something as big as NY’s Brooklin Bridge to make the final showdown between the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. A more likely scenario for them is to move the interior soundstage work to Toronto, while some of the essential exterior shoots will remain in NY. But majority of the work will be in the East Coast.”

Sounds very interesting but goes contrary to what we’ve been hearing from our sources in regards to the Vancouver factor and usually organizations like IATSE and ACFC are the last to know what actually is going on. We’ve been hearing that the main reason some location work would need to done elsewhere like Toronto or Montreal or even NYC is because a major location was lacking in Vancouver something that only an East Coast City has….so maybe it’s the Bridge or maybe its some other sort of older looking/cobblestone district that fits better out East….either way we’ll soon find out with the official announcement expected to come this week or next.

Thanks to ‘Mark’ for the heads up.

Source: Hollywood North Report