EW’s Inside the Making of Spider-Man 2 & More!!

Spider-Man 2 is the feature story in the May 7 Entertainment Weekly, which previews all the summer movies. Tobey Maguire and Mary Jane are on the cover (see below) and the article also includes new pics we haven’t seen before. If you have a subscription, you can check out an online-only excerpt from the article here. Here’s a clip and two of the pictures…

This time around, “Peter is constantly suffering and conflicted,” says Maguire, whose salary leaped $13 million — up to $17 million — for this film, which was cowritten by Pulitzer-winning novelist Michael Chabon (“The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay”). “He can’t do anything he wants personally because of all the Spider-Man stuff…. He’s just being pulled apart in every direction.” So even when Parker tries to stick with ordinary humanity, local tragedies — not to mention the pesky tentacles of Doc Ock — soon call him back to heroism. And Dunst’s character, Mary Jane Watson, isn’t making things any easier. Still in love with the noncommittal Parker, she becomes engaged to another man, an astronaut played by Daniel Gillies.

Meanwhile, ‘Robert’ send us some better links to the international trailer for the film. You can check it out in QuickTime and Windows Media format here.

Also, ‘Mara Jane’ pointed us to this article which says that the people behind the Spider-Man costume, CyberFX, are helping Speedo & the US Swimming team develop a skin-like swimsuit that could shave fractions of seconds off their times, potentially.

Fandango.com says that it will begin selling tickets for Spider-Man 2 three weeks in advance of its June 30 release date!

And, Spider-Man 2 has been rated PG-13 for stylized action violence.

Source: Superhero Hype!