Possible Song for the Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack

‘Diamondprincezz7’ pointed us to MTV who talked to the band Yellowcard who hope their new song will be on the Spider-Man 2 sountrack…

“We were like, ‘Let’s make this song huge,’ ” Key said of the untitled tune he facetiously referred to as “The Tentative Song for Maybe the ‘Spider-Man 2’ Soundtrack.” “We had a goal in mind and I think it came out rad. Lyrically, it’s really cool for me, because I wrote it about Peter Parker’s struggle to be a superhero as opposed to being with the girl he loves.”

Label politics may get in the way of the song making the soundtrack’s final cut, but if enthusiasm and passion for the radioactive web slinger counted for anything, the job would be in the bag.

“I have a Spider-Man tattoo on my shoulder,” Key said, “so I’m really excited. It would be one of the coolest things ever for me if we got to have a part in this.”

Visit the link above for the full interview.

Source: MTV