Spider-Man 2 Merchandise News & More!!

We received some great bits on the Spider-Man 2 merchandising which is really starting to heat up. Take the scoop from ‘Sam_298’ for example…

I got some super Spidey 2 info!! First off, Kelloggs has a website for Spiderman 2 promotions with their products. They have all kinds of mail in offers such as watches, Clocks, Spider Sense software,SM2 game demo, etc.

My second news is that Kelloggs also has footage of the upcoming Spiderman 2 game. Its really short but its good. It has a scene where (what looks like the Rhino) comes out of a wall and Spidey dodges it. Then they show Spidey beating up crooks and they end it of by showing a sign that says Spiderman 2 the game. One thing I have to admit though, if that armoured man is the Rhino, Activision has done a good job of designing him. Well, here’s the link.

Excellent links, thanks for the heads up! ‘TurtleMan’ also says that Spider-Man 2 LEGOs are showing up in stores…

I was just at Wal-Mart and saw that the new Spider-Man 2 Legos have been released. I don’t know how new this is, but they weren’t even entered into the store’s computer system. When I tried to buy one set, they told me to come back later when they could ring me up. They look really cool!!!

Want to check them out yourself? You can, by clicking here! ‘Nomad’ also sent us this link where they review the new Doc Ock action figure. Also, ‘Olli Pietikäinen’ sent us a link to unofficial Spidey 2 artwork from Greg Horn Judge which you can view here.

And last, but certainly not least, ‘Gopherman72’ has more on the game…

Just got the May issue of the Official XBox magazine in the mail today and I saw that they had an article on the Spider-Man 2 game, I thought that I’d send you the scans from the magazine and see if you can use them.

Here’s one of the scans, be sure to pick up the magazine for much more!

Source: Superhero Hype!