The Spider-Man 2 Trailer Will be Online at…

Are ya ready? We hope so, because Thursday night is going to be quite a night! We’re expecting a record turn-out on the Superhero Hype! message boards for this event – you’ll want to join the discussion on the trailer already in progress by going here.

Okay then, the specifics. As you already know, the new 2 1/2-minute Spider-Man 2 trailer – which we previewed at ShoWest in Las Vegas a few weeks ago – will air in its complete form on NBC’s “The Apprentice”. The show comes on at 9pm ET and the trailer will be shown around the 40-minute mark into the program.

Then you’ll have to wait a couple of hours for the trailer to show up online in Full Screen QuickTime format at about 10pm PST (or 1am ET). We’ll have the link up to the trailer as soon as it comes online, so stay tuned.

The trailer will start playing in theaters on Friday. The studio has not mentioned to us which specific movies it will be playing with, but one possibility is that it will be shown with the “13 Going on 30” sneak peeks that are happening this weekend.

Source: Sony Pictures