The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman Online!

Jerry Seinfeld and Superman have once again joined forces with American Express to create an action-packed, sidesplitting “webisode” that chronicles the daily exploits and unique friendship between comedian and Kryptonian. The four-minute webisode, entitled “A Uniform Used to Mean Something,” co-written by Seinfeld and directed by acclaimed film director Barry Levinson (“Diner,” “Rain Man”), is a humorous glimpse into a day-in-the-life of pop culture’s latest “odd couple.” The webisode launched today exclusively at

Shot on location in New York City, the webisode follows Superman and Seinfeld through their day. The twosome discuss their views on reality television, visit a local diner under a reservation for “Man of Steel,” catch a cheeky Broadway show, and of course, Superman takes down a bad guy. “A Uniform Used to Mean Something” is the first webisode in a two-part series. The launch of the sequel, “Hindsight,” will be announced soon.

Seinfeld, an admitted Superman buff, was thrilled to reunite with his pal and with American Express on the project. “When you read the Superman comic book as a kid you don’t think ‘maybe someday he and I’ll hang out’, but here I am actually doing it,” said Seinfeld during filming. “Our exploits make for great material, and I think the Internet provides the perfect platform to share our comical adventures with fans around the planet.”

Seinfeld and Superman last appeared together in a 1998 television commercial for American Express Cards.

Levinson eagerly accepted the challenge of directing the webisodes, a new format for the director. “It’s great to try something you haven’t done, in a format with which you have not worked — especially with someone as talented as Jerry,” said Levinson. “As for Superman, I truly enjoyed working with him. He’s a professional. What can I say, he’s the Man of Steel!”

“We are continually looking for innovative ways to engage consumers and introduce new customers to the brand, and the Internet has already proven to be an exciting channel for us,” said John Hayes, American Express’ Chief Marketing Officer. “We have a longstanding relationship with both Seinfeld and Superman, and are excited to bring them together once again for all fans to enjoy.”

Visitors to will discover a unique interactive experience. The site draws viewers into a cozy living room of a New York City apartment, complete with a view of the Empire State Building, candid snapshots of Seinfeld and his super-hero pal, a clickable Broadway show program, and more. In addition to the webisode, visitors will see behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the webisode, a teaser of the upcoming sequel “Hindsight,” and content related to American Express® Cardmembership.

“It’s delightful to have Jerry and Superman reunited, and to watch their friendship and mutual admiration,” said Paul Levitz, President, DC Comics. “With their talents collaborating under Barry Levinson’s guidance it should be fun for all.”

American Express is supporting the campaign launch through a 360-degree or “surround” advertising, marketing and public relations campaign designed to reach customers through a variety of touch points. Television advertising includes three 15-second teasers featuring clips of Seinfeld and Superman from the webisode that will appear on national and cable programming, in addition to local network affiliates. “Daily Planet” — themed polybags promoting the webisode will wrap numerous New York metro area newspapers, and will be distributed via home delivery in the market.

Other “surround” marketing efforts include “Lid Rocks” and postcard distribution. Lid Rocks are a new type of specialized lid for fountain drinks served at movie theaters. The lids will house mini disks featuring content about the campaign, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and clips from the webisode — accessible by computer. Postcards featuring three creative executions from the webisode will be distributed to hundreds of dining and entertainment merchants as well as health clubs in the greater New York area.

Visit to view the adventures of Seinfeld and Superman.

Source: American Express