Sam Raimi Thinking of Spider-Man 3 Already

It’s not much, but definitely a good sign. In an article in Variety that talks about Sam Raimi coming back to direct Spider-Man 3, the trade included this bit…

Raimi is polishing this summer’s “Spider-Man 2,” but he admits he’s started to think about “Spider-Man 3.” (No disclosures, except that Peter Parker and MJ’s romance will “continue to take unexpected turns.”)

In other news, ‘Stefan2003’ also alerted us that the official website has up some new Blogger skins. And ‘spidertycoon6’ has good news about the sequel toys…

Attention fellow bargain-hunters! In this week’s Sunday paper you can find flyers from K-Mart and Target for sales on new Spider-Man 2 toys!!!

Source: Superhero Hype!