Spider-Man Plans to Stick Around

With tonight’s events at ShoWest, USA Today has an additional great article on the many Spider-Man sequels to come. Here’s what the producers did different for number 2…

More vertigo. While Arad was pleased with the stunts in the first film, “it wouldn’t be good enough to just have him scaling buildings in this movie. Spider-Man should be doing things that have never been seen.” In the sequel, our hero — and the camera that follows him — moves much faster over streets and between skyscrapers.

More emotion. The original film spent much of its time introducing characters. “Now we can get into the characters more deeply,” Arad says. “Peter Parker is two years older, and he’s trying to deal with love, friendships, living on his own. The movie is funnier and sadder.”

More New York. Opening on the heels of the Sept. 11 attacks, the first film spent little time focusing on the city. “New York is a big part of the comic,” says Spider-Man producer Laura Ziskin. “It’s a much bigger character in this movie.”

A better villain. The Green Goblin was skewered by many comic-book fans who found the outfit comical. Enter Dr. Otto Octavius, known to Spider-Man aficionados as Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock. Played by Alfred Molina, Doc Ock was a humanitarian doctor who conducts an experiment that goes awry and ends up with four huge squid limbs fused to his spine.

The article talks about Sony is planning on as many as six Spidey films and also includes a new picture. Check it out at the link above! In related news, both ‘Al’ and ‘eduardo’ alerted us that a shortened version of the new Spidey 2 trailer, which we just saw, is now playing in the UK on TV and in theaters.

Source: USA Today