UPDATE: New Spider-Man DVDs Coming & Trailer News

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has provided Superhero Hype! with a first look at the Spider-Man DVDs that will hit shelves on June 1st in anticipation of the sequel coming a month later. We’ve got the covers of each which you can check out by clicking the links below. We’ve also listed the specs for the Deluxe Edition and Superbit DVDs:

Spider-Man (Deluxe Edition) (DVD)

Disc One:

– Widescreen Presentation

– English and French 5.1 (Dolby Digital)

– Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

– Weaving the Web: Subtitled Factoids

– Commentary: Sam Raimi (director), Kirsten Dunst, Laura Ziskin (producer) & Grant Curtis (co-producer)

– SFX Commentary: John Dykstra (special effects designer) & Visual Effects Crew

– Branching Web-i-sodes

– Music Videos: Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott: Hero & Sum 41: What We’re All About

– TV Spots

– Theatrical Trailers

– Filmographies & Character Files

– DVD-ROM: Comic/Feature Comparison; Record Your Own Commentary; Countdown to Spider-Man 2; Weblinks

Disc Two:

– HBO Making of Spider-Man

– Spider-Mania: An E! Entertainment Special

– Director Profile: Sam Raimi

– Composer Profile: Danny Elfman

– Screen Tests: Tobey Maguire, J.K. Simmons & CGI Spider-Man

– Costume and Makeup Tests

– Gag/Outtake Reel

– Conceptual Art & Production Design Gallery

Spider-Man (Superbit) (DVD)

– Widescreen Presentation

– Commentary: Tobey Maguire (originally aired exclusively on the internet)

– Languages: English (Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS)

– Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai

Spider-Man (The New Animated Series) – High Voltage Villains

Spider-Man (The New Animated Series) – The Mutant Menace

Spider-Man (The New Animated Series) – The Ultimate Face-Off

Meanwhile, ‘Red’ pointed us to Australia’s Hoyts theaters which will be playing the new Spider-Man 2 trailer with “50 First Dates” starting Thursday.

Source: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment