Triple H Spills Blade: Trinity Secrets!

‘tamron’ alerted us that Triple H talks about his Blade: Trinity character in the new issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine. Here’s the cool bits, which do include major spoilers!

Triple H has the cover story on May’s Muscle and Fitness magazine, and he drops a few spoilers about Blade: Trinity and his character, Grimwood. Here’s the juicy bits taken directly from the mag:

Muscle & Fitness: Tell me more about your character Jarko Grimwood.

Hunter: I play the heavy of a group of vampires that’s trying to ensure we become the dominant species on the planet. We’re out to capture and kill Blade. You find out later in the film that I’m like Blade in that I’m half-human. That’s why I have steel fangs instead of real ones and powers similar to his. Every time you think Blade and his crew have made their escape, I come out of nowhere.

Muscle & Fitness: Any memorable scenes you’ve shot thus far?

Hunter: In one scene shot here in Vancouver, we set Blade up so the police capture him, and we go to the police department dressed as orderlies to try to pick him up. The other heroes in the film come to his rescue. A riot breaks out at the police department, and we have a massive gun battle. They end up escaping with Blade. As they’re driving down the highway, I chase them, and Jessica Biel, who plays one of the heroes, shoots me in the eye with an arrow.

There’s also a picture of him from the scene he described, we’ll try to get that up for you soon.

Source: tamron