Batman Begins Shooting at Canary Wharf Today!

Gary from The Z Review dropped this tip on us about Batman Begins filming in London today…

Hot news just in. Batman Begins is filming in London’s Canary Wharf TODAY. And even more importantly they are filming the Batmobile! They will be filming scenes in Excel Tower with scenes of the Batmobile possibly on a turntable. While I’m not sure what the scene is, could this be a scene of Batman getting a hold of the Batmobile for the first time? I’m sure you’d all have loved us to get pics of the filming for you today and I can assure you we would have, unfortunately the land they are filming on is Private Property and Warner’s would have been well within their right to sue our *ss off if we took snooper pics!

We’re pretty sure the studio will keep things under wraps, but if you get a peek at anything be sure to send us a note!

Source: The Z Review