Third Movie-Based Spider-Man Game in the Works

Variety reports EA announced at the Bear Stearns entertainment and media conference in Palm Beach, Florida, that they’re developing yet another Spidey game…

Also making news at the conference was EA competitor Activision. CEO Bobby Kotick provided new details on his company’s fiscal 2006 release slate, which begins in April 2005, including new games based on the “Shrek” and “Spider-Man” franchises.

Activision published a game tied to the first “Spider-Man” pic and has another skedded for the sequel this summer, when it will also be releasing a vidgame adaptation of “Shrek 2,” for which it picked up the rights from TDK Interactive when it was acquired by Take Two Interactive late last year.

A spokesman declined to comment on or even confirm the games, but their release would fit in with previous comments from Kotick about building franchises in the vidgame world not tied to film releases. Both games would presumably use characters from the films and “Spider-Man” comic but have new storylines, as there will not be a film release to tie either game to next year.

Stay tuned for more on this summer’s game and next year’s game as well.

Source: Variety