Batman Begins Chicago Filming & Costume Talk reports that Batman Begins will be shooting in the city starting in July…

The city will be replete with A-list actors when the fifth in the “Batman” series films in Chicago starting in late July and running through August… Filming started last week in Iceland and then moves to London before coming here. Chicago production budget is unknown at this time.

Thanks to ‘mpstrex’ for the heads up on that! Meanwhile, scooper ‘maxwell’ sent in this bit about ths costume…

I’m a friend of someone who is working on the Batsuit. Most of the reports you’ve read about the suit recently seem pretty on the money. The cowl, cape, boots and gloves are al black while the body suit is a dark charcoal grey. The belt is bulky with compartments not like the one in the other movies, it’s also a much duller yellow than the belts before.

The symbol doesn’t have the yellow oval, it’s really big, taking up a good part of the chest. It’s a smoother material than the rest of the body suit and slightly raised.

The gloves aren’t quite armoured but the boots look like they have greaves and the soles look like they’re designed to give good traction.

The cowl isn’t as restrictive as the one from the other movies was, the guy in the suit was able to turn his head. The cowl is sculpted and I’m not sure if the material would move with the actor’s face.

The material looks kind of like leather, it definitely has a texture to it, it isn’t smooth like rubber or plastic. Also there’s seams on the costume, up and down the arms and legs and on the sides of the body. I don’t know if they’re supposed to be there as they don’t really show up in the darker shots of the costume.

Source: mpstrex, maxwell