Spider-Man 2 Promos Are About to Heat Up

Variety (subscription needed) has a great article on the upcoming promotions for Spider-Man 2. Here’s a few clips…

To this end, the studio will appeal directly to exhibitors at ShoWest this month, where a new “Spider-Man 2” trailer will premiere. (Last December the first trailer was launched on Yahoo.com in 13 different countries.)

It’s also lining up new corporate sponsors and ramping up on its worldwide marketing; Sony won’t elaborate, but Marvel says the plans are more ambitious than those for the original movie.

“We have a very solid global marketing program that is unfolding and will be unveiled,” says Tim Rothwell, president of worldwide consumer products marketing for Marvel Enterprises. “It’ll be bigger in the number of partners and number of media dollars going into supporting the franchise.”

Even so, Sony is concerned about going overboard, and declined to run a “Spider-Man 2” trailer during the Super Bowl.

“Overkill is a danger,” says Blake. “We certainly don’t have an awareness problem. Everybody knows Spider-Man.”

By the way, we were in several Payless shoe stores yesterday and saw both Spider-Man 2 tennis shoes and sandals.

Source: Variety