Batman: Dead End Director’s Next Project?

A quick eye’d Hypester managed to catch the following…

A friend of mine works in LA at a bar/restaurant called Lola’s, the bartenders there are all comic book geeks, and Sandy Collora (the director of Batman Dead End) is a regular.

Last night, Collora came in with of all people, The Punisher himself, Thomas Jane! They sat at the bar for a while and talked about The Punisher, Hellboy, Frank Frazetta, and course, comics. The conversation quickly turned to another project that Collora apparently is directing later this year. From what I was told, no one really got the name of the project, but several references were made to New Regency, Screen Gems, producer Jeremy Bolt(Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and AVP) and some guy named Hans.

Collora and Jane then moved to a quiet table in the back to have dinner, and that’s where it really got interesting. Over Baked halibut and sparkling water, Collora proceeded to act out this entire film, standing up several times, swinging his arms around like he was wielding a sword, and posing like a superhero, jumping around and making noises. Then Jane would come back with his own rendition of something, and this went on for almost 2 hours. They were like 2 little kids in a sand box. They talked in depth about what I would assume is Jane’s character, I have no idea, but man, it sounded cool.

The name of the project was never heard, or maybe even never said between the two of them, but my friend told me that it sounded like a Lord of the Rings, sword and sorcery, Conan kind of thing, and that there were definitely creatures in it because Collora was crouching and hissing at one point, walking around like a Ray Harryhousen monster.

Sounds interesting, whatever it is… I want to see it!

SHH! has contacted Sandy Collora and he confirms that he indeed met with Jane and is in discussions with him as director on a future project. Collora also points out that rumors about his involvement in a KADE film are ABSOLUTELY FALSE, and has nothing to do with his project with Thomas Jane, A previous link to Kade was posted by mistake.

Source: Superhero Hype!