Dafoe Hints at Possible Return of Green Goblin!

‘The_Amazing_Spider_Dawg’ has a very cool scoop tonight, we’ll let him do the talking…

I just saw Jon Stewart’s talk show on Comedy Central and he had the old green gobby himself Willem Dafoe on. He complimented him on such a great job in Spider-Man and asked if there would ever be any way of them bringing him back into the role. Dafoe didn’t really say much other than he didn’t want to say anything. Stewart then said, “Well we all know what that means, it’s gonna happen.” Dafoe laughed and as they closed the segment Stewart announced that we could see Dafoe in Spider-Man 3 probably around 2006. Who knows if this means a thing but it was good for a laugh. Keep up the great work fellas 😉

It could mean nothing, it could mean a lot. It’s fun to speculate, ain’t it!?

Source: The_Amazing_Spider_Dawg