Ken Watanabe to Star in Batman!?

‘The Unconquered’ pointed us to Batman on Film who have received an awesome scoop which, if it turns out to be true, would definitely make this camp very happy! The site says that Ken Watanabe, who is Oscar-nominated for his supporting role in “The Last Samurai,” may be part of Chris Nolan’s Batman cast…

According to a new BOF scooper, actor Ken Watanabe (THE LAST SAMURAI) will soon be announced as a member of the BATMAN cast. And it is a major character–one that I won’t reveal right now. This same source has revealed to BOF that a young Harvey Dent is indeed in the script as speculated. BOF has long reported that Dent may be in the script. So, who is playing him? Well, if the guy they wants takes the gig, at least he’s worked with Nolan before.

Sounds like Larry Holden (“Memento,” “Insomnia”) may be starring as Dent then. Also, the site was recently send a possible description of the costume…

It is made of silicone and a material similar to the “Spider-Man” costume. It has a armored look to it around the chest area. There is no yellow oval–the Bat symbol is like it is in the current comics. It may be part of the chest armor. The suit is dark, but not totally black. From the description that I got, it’s dark gray. The cape, cowl, boots, and gloves are black. I’ve heard two descriptions for the ears. One report said that they are shorter than they were in the previous films. Someone else told me that they are “Kane-style;” based on the orginal look of Batman back from 1939. I’ve also heard two reports on the eyes. I’ve heard it had lenses, and I’ve heard it didn’t. I’m sure that costuming experienced with both. The utility belt will have pockets, but with a sleek look to it (nothing like what Adam West wore).

This is of course all unconfirmed, but stay tuned for more on the above bits.

Source: Batman on Film