Elektra Scouting in Vancouver?

Hollywood North Report sent in this update from Vancouver…

We’ve been hearing some rumblings over the last few days that Elektra was scouting out Vancouver as a possible Filming Location. A scoop from a reliable and proven scooper of ours says that “they were doing some location scouting in Chinatown, North Van, and Mitchell Island.”

Now add to that the news that Emmy nominated Rob Bowman is negotiating to direct the film. Bowman sure ain’t a stranger to Vancouver his body of work includes Series work in Vancouver ranging from 21 Jump Street, Stingray and MacGyver in 80’s to The X-Files, Traps, M.A.N.T.I.S. (gotta love that fying car!), VR.5 and The Lone Gunmen in the 90’s, he also directed The X-Files movie that shot in both LA and Vancouver.

Signs are starting to point towards Vancouver, the unofficial Comic Book Film capitol of the world.

If you have any more info on this, be sure to drop us a note.

Source: Hollywood North Report