More on the Superman Production?

You thought you were confused about all this Superman mess? Here’s some additional items that will only make it worse. ‘Krisboyuk’ pointed us to two ‘possible’ updates about the Superman production. First up, updated their previous item…

Owen Paterson’s agents have confirmed he is still on Superman “Owen still is the production designer for Superman. He has gone to Australia, because that’s where they plan on shooting.”

Our 16/2/04 update asked to look at things in two ways – it appears the latter is true. The move to Australia is happening and expect a whole new crew to appear. With the new rewrites happening hopefully the Australian Superman production will finally deliver.

Jon Peters and McG are still in the mix with McG’s agents revealing the situation is still the same with Mr McGinty “Nothing has been confirmed, right now.”

But comic book writer Mark Millar claims production on Superman is a no-go. He posted the following on his message board

Trust me, McG is not getting anywhere NEAR this ****ing thing. He (and others) are talking about this as a means of rejigging their careers. No actress is being seriously considered for Lois and nobody is being auditioned for Supes because there is NO MOVIE, folks. Here’s the scoop…

The movie is already something like 50 mill in debt because of all the false-starts. It’s a HUGE problem because they want big stars, big effects and a big budget and this would push you to the 250, 300 million mark. This ain’t gonna happen, especially with someone as choppy as McG and that ****ing awful script kicking around. A chum of mine, like I’ve said, has been making calls and taking meetings very quietly, has a few things he has to finish first and plans to get moving on this around 2006. Believe NONE of this bull**** you’re reading because Beyonce, etc, etc, is just all pish. The real deal is still two years away from even seriously starting work on this so the flick isn’t going to be seen until around 2007 at the earliest. There’ll be possibly two Batman pics before the next Superman.

We’ll have to wait and see how all this turns out.

Source:, Mark Millar