2nd Half of David Goyer’s Blade 3 Interview

Vancouver Province columnist Sorelle Saidman, who has her own section on the HNR Forums called “All Star Bulletin,” has posted up the 2nd half of her chat with Blade 3 writer/director David Goyer, in which he talks about further spin-offs…

David Goyer, the writer of all three of the Blade movies and the director of the just-wrapped Blade: Trinity, says he bonded with stars Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel and may be may be spinning off their Vampire hunting characters into a new film.

Goyer, back in Los Angeles for the post-production process, is meeting with Vancouver native Reynolds about a number of projects. (Biel is in Australia working on Stealth).

“We have a shared soul,” says Goyer of Reynolds. “I could see us having one of those famous relationships where you’re going to do six movies together.”

A TV show is also under discussion. “We’re talking about doing a TV show that would be a prequel taking place when (Blade) is twenty years old and Whistler is in his forties,” confirms Goyer.

Goyer, who just completed a script for Batman: Intimidation (Batman 5), also just announced as the Director of the big screen adaptation of the graphic novel Unique (co-written by long-time Canadian resident and Juno-winning artist Dean Motter, known in these parts for his Loverboy album covers).

He’s stepping back from the previously announced Ghost Rider — Sony declined an R-rated version, and he lost interest – but he’s taken on two others, the Joe Lansdale mystery Mucho Mojo, and Jumper, a book Goyer plans to adapt and direct.

And he hints that another project he’s producing, called Alone, might be shot in Vancouver later this year. “It’s about a sixteen year old agoraphobic girl who is convinced there is a ghost in her house that’s trying to kill her. It’s actually a pretty scary script.”

Thanks to ‘Mark’ for the heads up.

Source: Hollywood North Report