CONFIRMED: Spider-Man 2 Opening Features Alex Ross Drawings

Superhero Hype! has received exclusive word that the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 2, opening July 2, may feature drawings by Alex Ross. We’re hearing that the production is working on opening the sequel with drawings by the comic book artist which rehash the events that happened in Spider-Man. We’re assuming this is what Sony Pictures will be using for the opening credits.

Our source did not know in what kind of format the drawings would be, but certainly one cool way would be to have the camera flip through pages of a Spidey comic while freezing on certain images – again, we’re not sure how they will do this.

Stay tuned for more on this! To view Alex Ross art, visit his official website.

UPDATE: A very reliable source has informed us that the above news is indeed correct. Look for Alex Ross drawings in the Spider-Man 2 opening sequence!

Source: Superhero Hype!