Charisma Carpenter Wants Wonder Woman

TV Guide talked to Charisma Carpenter who says she would really like the role of Wonder Woman

TVGO: What are your plans?

Carpenter: Well, I can tell you what my goals are. I have a son now, so I want the half-hour sitcom lifestyle, where you can have a family and work. And then, during summer hiatus, I’d like to do a Kill Bill or Wonder Woman or some movie like that.

TVGO: Wait, you want to do the long-rumored Wonder Woman movie?

Carpenter: I am actively putting it out there that I want to do Lynda Carter. It’s my mission to be Wonder Woman! My agent hasn’t seen a script, but some studio needs to do it. She’s beautiful, she fights, and I like the concept of an empowerment role. I’ve always been so passive on Angel, where they usually wouldn’t let Cordelia do martial arts stunts. Charisma wants to kick ass and bust heads!

Thanks to ‘zuckuss’ for the heads up.

Source: TV Guide