Kevin Nash Stabbed on Punisher Set

IGN reports that things got a bit wild on The Punisher set…

It takes a lot of brawn to play the muscle-bound villain in the latest Marvel-to-movie blockbuster, The Punisher. Just ask WWE superstar Kevin Nash who stars as “the Russian” in the upcoming film. Little did he realize that taking on this role would also result in being physically stabbed by a knife during the process of shooting the film. In a bizarre Hollywood accident, reports from the set indicate the actor and WWE star Kevin Nash was accidentally stabbed by Punisher actor Thomas Jane during the shooting of a knife fight scene. The word from the set is that Nash, who performs all of his own stunts, was so pumped up for the performance that he didn’t even realize that he had actually been physically stabbed in the process.

Thanks to all who pointed out this article to us!

Source: IGN