Guillermo del Toro Gives Hellboy Update!

Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro has posted another update on the official Message Boards, and here are some of the highlights…

We are preparing that BEST BUY free DVD and a new trailer and a series of “long form” (60 second) spots to debut on cable and TV earlier than planned. We all felt this was money better spent than a 30 second spot in the post game at the Super Bowl.

Gigantic STANDEES will be in theatres VERY SOON and they are quite cool and beautiful.

We have decided to keep the street poster campaign with its current look and preserve and issue the Drew poster into all comic book shops and speciality retail stores, use it in printed media (papers, etc) and offer a generous quantities of it signed by Drew through the website. It is a beauty to behold and will be in your hands -some of them- very soon.

We are -tentatively- talking about a double disc release on DVD by Aug and a Triple disc, extended version in and around Christmas. A SIDESHOW boxed/bust/3dvd is likely to become available then.

We should start popping up in magazines covers and articles here and there starting now and the ART OF THE MOVIE book -which I had in my hands- is quite a beautiful and lust-inducing object.

We are in the last quarter of VFX delivery. We have now shot the miniatures and have basically just 3 big sequences to “fill in” with the missing digital shots.

We are on schedule.

We start recording the score in a couple of weeks and I will be doing the final mix at Skywalker this month.

We hope to have our sneak previews by the end of March. You are sure to hear about them here.

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Source: Official Site