Big Batman and Superman Scoop?!

This is the first time we’ve heard from ‘Leo K.’, but he may have just dropped a big scoop on our desks. We’re going to tell you to take all of the following with a grain of salt, since we’re not sure the scooper is reliable or not. Here’s what we received…

Ok new scooper here. I heard of this site through work and I would like to set the record straight-for BATMAN and a little for SUPERMAN. First.

Johnny Depp? for Lex Luthor. Bit of missunderstanding. What is really happening is Depps NAME, i.e. he hasn’t been contacted (in case you haven’t noticed, he’s going to be busy for quite a while…) is being circled for the role of Superman’s father, Jor-el.

Now onto BATMAN. First. The filming begins at the end of next month in Iceland and will continue until mid March before moving to the U.K. Iceland shooting-don’t worry, it’s not BATMAN on ice skates-more like all terrain vehicles, with Christian Bale not arriving till around March 1st. One of the cardington hangers being used for the film has large sets of a old train station of some sort, as well as housing the MASSIVE batcave.

Casting. First of all, Morgan Freeman is no longer up for Lucious Fox, but is up for Gordon. Initially he was, but when Chris Cooper refused, Nolan turned to Freeman. Cillian Murphy will play Jonathan Crane, and Katie Homes as Harvey Dents assisstant Rachel. Harvey Dent has yet to be casted, having Guy Pearce be the only one test for that. The role of Earle has been brought up to several people, none of them rather big name stars, but lesser known character actors. Same goes for Boss Carime Falcone. Lucious Fox is also still undecided.

I also happened to read the FALSE batmobile description you have. The car is still being made but is not like “monster truck”. Rather it is dark black. If you have the lights shut off, you ain’t seeing it. It has twin jet engines in the back, with two small fins over them. It is a two seater and has two tires on the front, that, if looking from the direct front of it, are about 8-10 inches inward compared to the back two, which are slightly larger, but not that noticable. The cars are all going to be equipped with a large variety of gizmos. The jets can burn so hot it creates thick black smoke, and oil slick, all wheel drive, bat hooks, bulletproof windshield, ejection seats, and a t.v.

The costume-jet black as well. It is not spandex, under armor, or even rubber. It is a new material, that can stretch and bend easy, but won’t be overly skin tight. Padding in the ribs and chest area as well as the arms and upper legs will be added, with large black boots for the feet. There will be about 4-5 of them.

Batman MAY use other vehicles in the film…but I won’t spoil that for you now. Oh and the press conference-lets just say your going to want to be staying in around the 17th (last I heard).

Is any of this accurate? We don’t know, ‘Leo K.’ didn’t leave behind any contact information for us to find out. Nevertheless, one way to see if there’s anything to it will be to see if the press conference is really taking place on the 17th – that might be one indication.

Source: Leo K.