The Punisher is the Mother of Revenge Stories

Sci Fi Wire talked to The Punisher writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh about the film.

“I had to ask myself intellectual questions like, ‘To what extent do crimes against a person become so unconscionable, so heinous, that even a person who does not believe in vigilantism can resort to vigilantism in a more just way?'” Hensleigh said. “That was the equation for me. I told Marvel that I didn’t just want to do a revenge story, that I wanted to do the mother of all revenge stories. I wanted to ramp everything up. I can’t really go further without doing spoilers here. The underlying events that give rise to Frank Castle’s vigilantism are not from the comic. I invented a lot of that. I made it a lot worse.”

That interview can be viewed at the link above. Meanwhile, the new issue of Wizard magazine features Thomas Jane on the cover as The Punisher, a cool set report and a photo shoot as well. Be sure to pick up a copy!

Source: Sci Fi Wire, Wizard