Official Spider-Man 2 Site Update

‘Spiderjoe’ alerted us that the official Spider-Man 2 website has received some new updates today, including a reprint of a Wizard interview with Alfred Molina on Doc Ock (see here), new wallpaper (here) and new Weblogs as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re a network member at the official site, you probably received this e-mail today:

Some time ago, you chose to join the Spider-Man Movie Network and get members-only access to cool Spider-Man content, including first looks, downloads, message boards, polls, and other special features. With Spider-Man 2 coming to theaters July 2, 2004, we wanted to let you know that you’ll soon be receiving regular email updates about new photos, web-site features, and discounts especially for network members.

Sounds like things are heating up! Stay tuned.

Source: Superhero Hype!