Marvel’s Kevin Feige on Daredevil Director’s Cut

Comics Continuum spoke with Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige who says the Daredevil Director’s Cut DVD will include many new scenes, be rated R, and get a Sprin release.

“Moreso than many director’s cuts that you’ll see, it’s really a different experience. Not only are there other subplots and things in it, there are turns in his character, darker turns, and more interesting turns that he takes in this version.”

Feige said that writer/director Mark Steven Johnson and producer Avi Arad of Marvel Studios are providing a new audio commentary for the director’s cut. “It’s very entertaining,” he said.

Meanwhile, Feige adds that a Daredevil sequel is still a few years away as all their efforts are on the Elektra spin-off.

Source: Comics Continuum