Feige Says Spider-Man 2 is Better Than the First

In the continued Comics Continuum interview with Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige, he says that Spider-Man 2 surpasses the first film…

“It’s a two-fold question,” he said. “If you were to ask me if I think Spider-Man 2 was going to be a better movie than the first one, are we going to top ourselves in terms of quality and in terms of effects and action and romance and characters and all of that — unequivocally yes. No hestitation. It is a very special movie.”

But what about at the box office, where Spider-Man established several new records with its first outing?

“If you’re asking me if lightning is going to strike twice, why would we jinx it?” Feige said of the sequel’s chances. “It’s a better movie. I think if you look at the history of Marvel sequels (which have outperformed their predecessors), that can certainly indicate a trend of some kind.

Feige also added that Lions Gate/Artisan’s Man-Thing adaptation will be pushed back from August 27 to sometime in October, closer to Halloween.

Source: Comics Continuum