Training Thomas Jane for The Punisher

Fansite has transcribed a recent interview from Drill Magazine with Thomas Jane and his trainer Mike Mello talking about the training for The Punisher. Here’s a clip…


Two hours of weights and cardio per day, sometimes twice a day.

Mello: “It was more like a personal-training program than a military-training program. We were concerned about the injury factor.”

Jane: “At the top of my game, I bench-pressed 275. They wanted me to do 300. I said, ‘Hey, I’m just 510! That’s plenty!”


Dry-firing with the M4 rifle, .45 caliber Colt semiautomatic, and a shotgun. Focus on shooting platform, stance, body alignment.

Mello: “We got him shooting on the move, thinking tactically. Normal military personnel aren’t even going to get most of this stuff.”

Jane: “I have a thing for weapons. I grew up with shotguns — hunting rabbit, pheasant, and quail. I was the first guy in my Boy Scout camp to get my riflery merit badge.”

The complete article is up at the link above.