Sean Astin to Direct Fantastic Four?

How’s this for a scoop? Check out what ‘Gelogurte’ from has today for us about Sean Astin, who played Samwise Gamgee in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy!

For The Return of the King release, brazilian journalist Rodrigo Salem from SET Magazine, the biggest movie magazine in Brazil, went to New York and talked a bit to Sean Astin about his next projects. Can you imagine what it is? I tried to translate part of the interview. You know, the part that really matters. Here it goes:

SET: You were highly praised over your short movie The Long and Short of It which is in The Two Towers DVD. Do you have any plans of directing something bigger?

SEAN ASTIN: Oh, yeah! I always wanted to act and direct with the same intensity but only now I’ve found the way to get to directing. Right now I’m running to be the director of this US$ 100, US$ 130 million movie which the studio wants to release in the end of 2004 and it has a huge effect in pop culture. I got a meeting scheduled but I can’t talk about it yet.

SET: Is it a comic book adaptation?

SA: You figured it out, huh?

SET: You’re running for the director’s chair of Fantastic Four, right?

SA: Yes.

SET: You’ve got some pretty heavy competition ahead of you. I heard Steven Soderbergh is interested and that he was offered the job by the studio specially because he could bring George Clooney as Reed Richards.

SA: Yeah but I’m a friend of George Clooney too (laughs). I think he would make a perfect Reed Richards.

SET: And who would be your Human Torch?

SA: Oh, he’s right over there. Orlando Bloom.

And that’s that. I don’t know if you remember but a few months ago some sites reported that Astin was actually seen at a comic book store buying quite a lot of Fantastic Four comics. Guess he was making his homework. I just hope he picked some of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby books. And John Byrne’s. And some Mark Waid/Mike Wieringo too. I didn’t know Soderbergh was even on the run.

Oh, and just so people don’t think I’m full of it, they can click and check the scanned page of the magazine.

Astin recently directed the short “The Long and Short of It” and has helmed episodes of “Jeremiah” and “Angel”.